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The Perplexing Orb


The Perplexing Orb is an arcade platforming adventure game. Roll your way through many unique and challenging levels! Advance through each stage by reaching the end and knocking over the finish post! Collect artifacts to unlock challenge levels, balance through difficult areas, hit rockets to go flying, and smash bonus chests for unlockables! Compete with friends in multiplayer mode! Roll into adventure with The Perplexing Orb!

Available on the PS4/Wii U. $5.99.

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Maze is a First Person Puzzle Adventure game. Embark on the journey of a young hero from Mazadon, in search of the all knowing Oracle! Solve puzzles, collect coins, dodge enemies and traps, and escape mind blowing labyrinths. Race to the finish with a friend in Multiplayer Mode! Two people can compete by solving mazes, collecting their coins and sending their opponent's finish zone to different areas all while both players are trying to get to their zone first! Go for the highscore in Arcade Mode, a timed mode in which you race through Stages trying to collect all the coins before time runs out!

Available on the Nintendo Wii U eShop. $2.99.



PitterPot on a Bonus Level

PitterPot is a 3D platforming adventure inspired by platformers of the 90s!

Journey as PitterPot as he defeats weeds, collects seeds, and saves the garden!

Kudzu has taken over plants in PitterPot's garden. It is up to you to collect acorns to save the garden! Platform your way through unique 17 levels, collect items, solve puzzles and more in PitterPot!

Available on the PS4. $9.99